Saturday, December 14th 2019 @ 5:00 PM


2832 Dinwiddie Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758


We are inviting a special amount of close friends to join us at our home for a night of food, drinks, friends & fun! We will be having a potluck style dinner and of course playing my favorite Holiday game... WHITE ELEPHANT! What is White Elephant you say? Well I am glad you asked...

White Elephant is a Holiday gift exchange where all players vie to walk away with the best present. Without getting too confusing here are the rules of the game...

1. Each individual person brings 1 wrapped present to put in the pool of gifts. The present will not have any information on it as to not give away who brought it. Disguising the wrapping is also a fun trick. For instance a wrapping a gift to look like the shape of a bottle of wine when in reality it was something completely different. **ONE GIFT PER PLAYER** If for instance a couple comes to the party they would bring 2 gifts as it is every player for themselves. I find it's fun to not even let your spouse of gf\bf know what you are bringing.

2. Gifts should range in the $20-$25 range. They can be any type of gift. Something simple, something humorous or something popular you know many will try hard to get. 

3. After all gifts are placed in a central location such as a center table all participants draw a number out of a hat, bag or jar to determine what order they will go in. #1 goes first then #2 etc.

4. Players then arrange themselves in a circle around the table in the order of number that was drawn.

5. The first player chooses a wrapped gift from the pile and opens it for everyone to see. The second player who chose #2 now has a choice. They can either choose a wrapped present from the pile or steal the present from player #1. If the player chooses to open an unwrapped gift then their  turn is over and the round ends. If player #1 has their present stolen they would then choose another present from the table to unwrap.

6. Once player #2's turn has ended player #3 is now presented with a choice. They can choose to open a wrapped present from the pile or steal either the present from player #1 or player #2.Players can only steal presents from those with a number lower than the one they drew.

7. Each round continues until the last gift is opened. Here is the final twist. You would think drawing #1 would be the worst number. In fact it's quite the opposite. The individual who drew #1 then gets to choose which gift of all the gifts they would like to steal (They get to keep the gift which can not be stolen. That person who's gift is stolen can then steal from a number lower than theirs. That person in turn can take from a number lower as well until the final gift is stolen and the game ends. Ultimately, #2 is technically the worst number to get. 

8. All gifts must stay in front of the players for all to see during the duration of the game. No hiding a gift you really want to keep. Additionally there is no limit to how many times a gift can be stolen throughout the game.


As much as I'd like to invite anyone and everyone... I am limited on space and am only inviting a special group to share the Holiday season with. My 2 kids will be here so if you have been invited you absolutely can bring your kids if you'd like. If they wanted to participate in the White Elephant game all they need is to bring their own wrapped gift as well.




There is a lot of planning that goes into a party like this and knowing my headcount is huge. If you are unable to attend do let me know that as well as I will extend the invite to those unfortunate enough not to make the main cut. LMAO!!

RSVP: Ping me via Phone, Text, E-mail, FaceBook Messenger..

(916) 430-9934



As mentioned this will be a Potluck style dinner. To be sure we aren't stuck with 20 bags of chips, 3 boxes of bakery cookies and a bunch of cases of beer we are asking that everyone bring a main course or side dish to share. Show off your culinary skills!! We will of course have a nice spread of food and drink we will be putting out as well but the more options the better. Desserts, Casseroles... whatever. 

ARRIVE: 5:00 (Please arrive between 4:30-5:30)

DINNER: 5:30 (Snacking and eating all night!!)

WHITE ELEPHANT: 6:30 (Once the game is over we will still be partying with anyone and everyone until you have to go or are kicked out. HA!)

We can't wait to celebrate the Holidays alongside some of our closest friends!!!


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