Hellscream signs worldwide deal with Pure Steel Records for upcoming album "Hate Machine"


Pure Steel Records are pleased to announce our latest acquisition. Join un us as we welcome HELLSCREAM to our roster of Artists as the band have signed a World Wide deal and are set to soon release their sophomore album "HATE MACHINE".

About the band, HELLSCREAM is the unholy metal alliance of guitarist David "Conan" Garcia (Cage\Three Tremors) & vocalist Norman Skinner (Imagika\Niviane\Skinner).

Garcia is the founding guitarist of the internationally acclaimed heavy metal band “Cage” from San Diego, California, who have, to date, released 7 critically acclaimed full-length studio albums which include their crowning masterpieces “Darker Than Black” and “Hell Destroyer”.

Norman Skinner is the dynamic vocalist known for fronting "Imagika", "Niviane" and his own solo band "Skinner". With a total of thirteen album releases, countless shows and tours under his belt, vocal veteran Norman Skinner has made a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Metal world.

Dubbed “The Metal Chameleon” by members of the press and Metal fans, Skinner possesses a very wide range and utilizes it in a unique style to effortlessly walk the line between the beautiful and the brutal.

The duo, released their debut album, “Made Immortal” through Dead Inside Records in 2013 and are now back with a vengeance ready to deliver their follow-up release, “Hate Machine” in 2019 through Pure Steel Records!

The band line up is rounded off with Bassist Alex Pickard, Guitarist Casey Trask and Drummer Sean Elg.

Vocalist Norman Skinner stated, recently, "The writing for our first album “Made Immortal” came together rather quickly but unfortunately never really got the proper release or push we both felt it deserved. With that being said, the album was popular with fans and internet radio. Every review was extremely positive, enough so that fans would consistently ask us when the next one would be released. Dave and I hadn’t really discussed any plans beyond the 1st album and we were both very busy with our own projects and touring. We finally had the discussion and decided if we were to do another album we wanted to secure a real label and believe Pure Steel Records will help this release get some real promotion. “Hate Machine” is very much in line with our first album but the songs are faster and heavier this time around. We think those that liked the "Made Immortal" album will love this one and hopefully we will earn a lot of new fans as well. We here look forward to yet another great release from Pure Steel Records for all of you".

The release date for "HATE MACHINE" along with further information will be made available in the coming weeks!

LINE-UP: Norman Skinner (Niviane, Imagika, Skinner) – vocals David Garcia (Cage, Three Tremors) – guitars

Alex Pickard (Cage, Three Tremors, Monarch) – bass Casey Trask (Cage, Three Tremors, Monarch) – guitars Sean Elg (Cage, Three Tremors, Nihilist) – drums


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