2019 Music Review

What a year!! 2019 was really a great one for me musically. Here is my 2019 Musical year in review...

January started off with Niviane in full recording mode for our upcoming album "The Ruthless Divine". We also began our casting call for the recording of our 1st music video "The Berserker". Additionally Niviane had a fantastic spotlight piece done for Metal Hammer (Greece) and Hellscream joined the world of Instagram & Twitter! LOL!!

February was a super busy & exciting month! First the big announcement of the return of Imagika. I then shot two music videos. First was for Niviane's "The Berserker" and the 2nd was Imagika's "The Spiteful One". Hellscream announced signing with Pure Steel Records and details for the new album release for "Hate Machine". I also entered Sharkbite Studios in Oakland with Noe Luna to track all the drums for my upcoming Skinner album "The Dark Design".

March was a bit slower. Niviane completed rhythm guitar tracks for the upcoming album. Niviane guitarist Gary Tarplee underwent shoulder surgery which gave me time to catch up on a lot of songwriting for the upcoming Skinner & Elemantis albums. I did a sneak peek of an upcoming Skinner shirt design (which I still have yet to have produced. HA!) ...aaaaand this Pisces turned another year older.

April was all writing & studio time Bass tracks & guitar solos were completed for the new Niviane album and I dove into vocal recording.

May I was busy tackling all the vocals for the new Niviane album and not much else. Did some writing and the standard amount of interviews and live dates but that's about it.

June heated back up with Hellscream releasing our single "Firestarter" from our soon to be released new album. Shortly after that Niviane finally released our 1st music video "The Berserker" for all to see. I completed the final tracks for "The Ruthless Divine" album and Aaron started on the keyboards.

July was mainly all Hellscream. The 2nd album "Hate Machine" was released worldwide followed by a ton of interviews. Imagika did release the official details for our 8th studio album "Only Dark Hearts Survive" as well.

August began with the Imagika single release & lyric video for the title track "Only Dark Hearts Survive". Niviane returned to Anderson, CA to headline Iron Mountain Metal Fest IV.

September saw the new Imagika album "Only Dark Hearts Survive" released worldwide. The band also released our music video for the song "The Spiteful One". I attended some rehearsals with my old bandmates followed by a couple special Imagika live dates for our die hard local fans. Niviane also played our largest show of the 2019 alongside Amon Amarth. I also made the trip to Atlanta again to ProgPower USA.

October was spent mixing the new Niviane album. We did play a very fun show with Delain & Amorphis which coincidentally enough gave Niviane our biggest spike in new online listeners. Other than that October was a nice break.

November the new Niviane album was completed and the break was over. Artwork and details officially released. The band also welcomed keyboardist Aaron Robitsch to the group full time. The details of our special listening party event were announced and the band also shot a music video for our song "Fires In The Sky" to be released in 2020.

December ended with Niviane releasing a live video for our song Arise Samurai. We also threw our hat into the ring for the upcoming 2020 Battle for Waken. Lastly I announced the details and artwork for my upcoming Skinner solo album"the Dark Design".

I am sure I am missing a lot. There were a ton of live shows and radio\video interviews etc. throughout the year. Hours upon hours of rehearsals, writing and recording. Another very busy but gratifying musical year in the bag. I released 4 music videos, 2 new albums and made a lot of new fans and friends! Oh and thanks to Spotify I know that my bands had over 14,500+ streams, 921 hours of listening by over 4,000 listeners in 63 different countries!!! Biggest fan growth for Niviane was here in the United States, Imagika was in Germany, Hellscream was Finland & Skinner was The Netherlands. I can not wait to see what's next!!! Bring on 2020!!!

In case you missed any of the official videos released... links are below: