N-Depth ft. Skinner: "The Batman" Video Released

A few years ago my close friend rapper N-Depth asked me if I would be willing to collaborate on a song he was writing. I must admit I was extremely hesitant as the idea was waaaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone. I’m a Hard Rock/Metal guy but the idea was very intriguing and I am always up for a challenge. I liked what he had done and thought sure I could add some vocal touches to the song. I honestly was worried I would ruin his track but in the end it sounds very cool. Definitely get to showcase some versatility and do something outside the box for me. his Management liked the song so much I was asked to shoot a video. I was like Hell yeah... wait what do I wear and how do I move? Lol! Dumb things to worry about. It was a LOT of fun and I wouldn’t be surprised if another collaboration happened in the future. I have a lot of friends that listen to all kinds of music and I do hope you enjoy this. Definitely share it if you do!! His brand new album “After Effect” is out now through Richland Records. He is also very interested in working with other rock and Metal artists so if interested let me know and I can send him the info.

As I said please share the Hell out of his video! Thank you everyone. As always I thank you for all your support!

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