Norman Skinner Music Update - June 2018

Hello everyone! First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my 1stofficial blog posting.

In reality I will be using this blog to post the latest released news as well as a monthly update on my various projects and other happenings. If you are reading this via my official website then be sure to join the mailing list through the form on the right to never miss an update. If you are reading this on FaceBook or another social media platform visit and join via the form on the homepage.

Those that follow my musical endeavors closely know I tend to be involved with many projects at once so I believe this will be the best way to update everyone on all bands\recording etc. at once. With that being said here we go…


As many of you may be aware, 2018 has been a very busy and exciting time in the Niviane camp. The band has spent the majority of the year performing live in support of our debut release “The Druid King” which has been received extremely well. We finished our tour run with Sirenia & Threat Signal in April and have since completed writing and made our final track selections for album #2. The schedule is set and we will be entering Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA on August 5thto begin tracking drums. The plan is to spend the month of August recording as much as possible before our upcoming tour in September supporting Vicious Rumors on their 30thAnniversary Digital Dictator North American Tour. We recently unveiled the design for our new tour shirts that will be available at each of the Vicious Rumors tour dates we perform on and once we return home remaining stock will be made available on our website. Fall 2018 will be spent finishing up all tracking, mixing and mastering for the next album and we do plan to finally shoot our long awaited 1stmusic video before the winter Holidays. As always, we are continuously writing and already have enough song ideas in the works for a 3rdalbum so plenty more Niviane music to come.


It’s been a long time coming but the final touches are being worked out for my next solo effort titled “The Dark Design”. The album will feature 13 awesome tracks co-written alongside some fantastic musicians. Plans are in the works to begin tracking for this release in late October\November. I hope to finish the mixing and mastering by the end of the year if all goes smoothly. I will be shooting a music video for the single to be announced at a later time so definitely subscribe to this blob and stay tuned for more updates and details as I announce them.


The 2ndHellscream album titled “Hate Machine” was completed in February and I am happy to announce that it is tentatively scheduled to be released this September through SMB Records. I will release further details as they become available.


This year I decided it was time to dive in full force on my Elemantis recording project. I have a nice group of musicians reviewing ideas, writing and composing music for many of the 20 tracks for this 1stconcept album titled “Call of The Kindred”. Some tracks are coming together quickly while others are slow going but I am very excited to see the project moving forward. It is always great when I get to work with various players on a project like this. A second storyline and music is already in the works for a follow-up album as well so I still have a lot of music that needs collaboration on. If you are interested potentially being a part of this project definitely shoot me a message.


Besides the bands and projects listed above, if you missed it Halcyon Way began unveiling the members of their “Nailhead Choir” last week. This is a group of musicians performing guest vocals on their upcoming album and I was the 1stguest announced. I can’t say who the other members are until they are all announced but I will say I am listed alongside some heavy hitters! Be sure to keep an eye out for their new album “Bloody But Unbowed”. Pre-orders available now through Agonia Records.

If this wasn’t enough I may have one other secret project in the works as well that many of you will be very excited for buuuuuuuut… for now that is all I can say.

Below are my current confirmed upcoming tour dates and all my official links. If you could please visit my website and join my mailing list for all the updates.

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07.20.2018 - Sonora, CA (Winter’s Tavern)

08.25.2018 - Anderson, CA (Anderson River Park)

08.31.2018 - Santa Rosa, CA (University of Rock)

09.01.2018 - Redding, CA (The Dip)

09.02.2018 - Bend, OR (Domino Room)

09.03.2018 - Spokane, WA (The Pin)

09.04.2018 - Portland, OR (Dante's)

09.05.2018 - Seattle, WA (Club Sur Rocks)

09.06.2018 - Vancouver, BC (Rickshaw Theater)

09.07.2018 - Lewiston, ID (3rd Wheel)

09.08.2018 - Columbia Falls, MT (Silver Bullet Bar)

09.10.2018 - Edmonton, AB (Rendezvous Pub)

09.11.2018 - Regina, SK (Cloud 9 Live)

09.12.2018 - Winnipeg, MB (Park Theater)

09.13.2018 - Moorhead, MN (The Garage Bar)

09.14.2018 - Sioux Falls, SD (Bigs Bar)

09.28.2018 - Sacramento, CA (Holy Diver)

10.05.2018 - Sacramento, CA (Holy Diver)




















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