NORMAN SKINNER: 2016 Year End Musical Update

So very excited musically for 2017!! Below is my year end musical update for all those that actual follow and pay attention to this crazy musical journey of mine.


Niviane has already been asked to be part of many great upcoming shows. Our debut album being engineered by the man himself Mr. JK Northrup is almost complete. Our dear friend Aaron Robitsch of Graveshadow has been so awesome in lending his time to write and record the keyboards and is finishing the last handful of songs. Band photos for the album are being edited by badass photographer Kevin Graft and artist extraordinaire Dusan Markovic is about to begin working on the cover art for our debut "The Druid King". We are already receiving interest from radio, promotion & management companies based on posted live show performances alone which blows my mind. Plus we have our own connections on standby for when the promotional material is ready. I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by such talented individuals Mark Miner, Noe Luna, Gary Tarplee, & Rick Stallkamp (Anti-Facebook). There will absolutely be a full tour in the works for Summer or Fall 2017 to support the album. Not to mention we will begin recording our sophomore effort this year as well. We already have enough songs for a new one.


The 2nd Hellscream album "Hate Machine" is nearing completion as well. The hold up is completely my fault as I have been busy lately finishing up the Niviane album and writing for the next one. I have just 2 songs to finish recording which should happen very shortly! (I'm sure David Garcia will be happy to hear that) HA HA!! This stuff is in your face METAL and I can't wait for everyone to hear it. Joining us on this album are CAGE members Casey Trask & Sean Elg. They bring this album to a new level of awesomeness!! I see a lot of promotion and if all goes well maybe even some 1st ever live Hellscream performances! Stay tuned...


I am VERY happy to announce all songs have been written for the next Skinner CD titled "The Dark Design". I am very excited to be working with Jaymie Robertson who has written some killer music for the CD!! Skinner fans will be excited for the return of Jim Pegram & Noe Luna. "The Dark Design" was to be the title of the 2nd Machine.Called.Man album but unfortunately the group disbanded before the sophomore effort was ever recorded. After speaking with long-time friend and songwriter Manol Z. Manolov we agreed on 3 songs that will make an appearance on the upcoming Skinner album. Niviane bassist Rick Stallkamp has also written 2 very cool tracks to round out the album. He and both Niviane guitarists Gary Tarplee & Mark Miner will be performing on select tracks on the album. If the right performance offer arises you could possibly see a live Skinner show but no plans in place for 2017 currently.


Elemantis is strictly in the planning stages at this time although I do have a handful of songs already in the works. Speaking with various artists that are interested in being part of this effort. Like the page and stay tuned if you like epic melodic power metal w\ an edge!!

As always thank you all for all your continued support!! LOTS TO COME IN 2017!!!!