NORMAN SKINNER: releases End of Year music update

With 2014 nearing an end I realize it has been an extremely long time since I posted a musical update on what I have been working on etc. I figure this would be the perfect time to update everyone on all my current musical endeavors with my many bands as well as do an end of the year summary.


I’ll begin with my main band SKINNER. 2014 was a terrific year for us. We released our very 1st music video titled “Sleepwalkers” in March and just last week released a 2nd video for the song “Orphans of Liberty”. Both songs appear on our full-length release also titled “Sleepwalkers” which was made public through Dead Inside Records on May 6th. The CD is receiving fantastic reviews and being received well. We put a lot of hard work and time into this album and I am so happy to see it paid off. During 2014 the band performed often while writing for the next album tentatively titled “The End of Tribulation”. We plan to finish finalizing the writing for the last few tracks by the end of January and then hopefully in February it is back in the studio to record the next release. I have put links to both videos below for any of you that may have missed seeing one of them.

Skinner – “Sleepwalkers” video

Skinner – “Orphans of Liberty” Video


As many of you are aware I also sing for the Sci-Fi Power Metal band Dire Peril. 2014 was a busy and productive year for us as well. We finally solidified our line-up by having drummer Ben Jackson join permanently and recruiting new lead guitarist Jearme Greathouse. With a complete line-up in place for the 1st time we performed many more shows than before this year spanning all of California and parts of Nevada. We released our 1st lyric video ever for the song “Space Invaders” in August and our 2nd EP “Queen of The Galaxy” in September. Over the course of this year all but 1 song for our full-length effort titled “Final Scenes For Forgotten Worlds” has been written and over half of those songs are already demoed. Before we unleash that beast on everyone we have 1 more EP titled “Through Time And Space” which features a 19+ minute epic on it that we are in the process of tracking & mixing. We have another cool lyric video in the works for one of the tracks. Can’t give away too much info just yet. That album should be released in early 2015 and then it will be straight back into the studio again to record the full-length. So, no rest for the wicked! I have included the video link below to our song “Space Invaders”.

Dire Peril – “Space Invaders”


Hellscream is another project I sing for that features myself & David “Conan” Garcia of “Cage”. In 2013 we released our debut album “Made Immortal”. The album was received extremely well and plans are in place to begin work on a second Hellscream CD in 2015. David has been busy with Cage and as you have read I have also been busy in 2014 so hopefully 2015 will bring some new Hellscream music for everyone!!


Tramontane is a recording project that features my ex-Imagika drummer Henry Moreno & current/former members of the Salt Lake City Progressive Metal band “Katagory V”. This project has been ongoing for many years and the progress has been slow as I am very busy as are many of the other members. We have settled on 7 songs and are in the process of finalizing writing for 1 and recording all the others. Tracking & mixing have already begun and I am hoping to finalize all my vocals within the next couple months. The album is titled “Call of The Kindred” and features the following tracks:

• Call of The Kindred I: The Hunger

• Call of The Kindred II: The Embrace

• Call of The Kindred III: The Fledgling

• Hurt Again

• Fear Cage

• Ghostlights

• Destination: UNKNOWN

MISC: Now… If you are an insanely crazy stalker fan then you probably know what color my boxers are as well as the fact that I did 2 guest vocal voiceovers for the bands “Steamforged” & “Blackning” this year as well. “Steamforged” is based out of Deland, Florida and the album I appear on is titled “The Endless”. “Blackning” hails from Brazil and they will be releasing their new album “Order of Chaos” this coming year. Definitely check both bands out and show them some love!! I have included their FB links below:



As always I try to stay busy and will continue to make as much great Metal as I can for everyone that enjoys it. Thank you so much for supporting my endeavors and this music journey!!

~Norman Skinner

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