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Guest Vocals \ Collaboration

Are you interested in having me as a guest vocalist on an upcoming release?

Are you needing a vocalist to collaborate with on a song or album?

Looking for someone to write vocals & lyrics for an original composition?
Perhaps you only want someone to write and Demo vocals for a vocalist search.

I am now opening up my schedule for studio recording & collaboration.

Simply send me a .mp3 or .wav of your song along with all details of what you are interested in (Lyrics, Structure, Melody etc.) as well as style of vocals and I will review it and reply quickly letting you know my thoughts and if I feel I am able to accommodate the request as well as pricing.


If both sides are in agreement on delivery timeline & price the next steps will be as follows:

  • Supply me with the latest recording of the song(s) including the bpm and any structure notes.

  • Send the full lyrics including outlined sections you wish me to sing or if no lyrics exist please note if you are requesting lyrics to be written by me.

  • Please be sure the track is bounced to session zero so any tracks I deliver line up properly.

All files I deliver will be dry (No effects) ready for engineering and delivered in (24Bit/48kHz).

If interested please send all information here:

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