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Track 02: Ghostlight

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  • STATUS: Mark Miner to flush out song with instrumental ending

  • MUSIC: Mark Miner \ Henry Moreno

  • After the loss of his Emma our main character begins having vivid dreams and glimpses of his wife as he falls asleep and awakens. He feels she is visiting him although the fact he is now drinking heavily and ridden with guilt isn’t helping. 

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Lost in the land of the dreaming

…or wide awake I cannot tell

A cold chill cuts deep the warmth of night

A familiar scent now fills the air

All the words we’d ever spoken

And every mistake I dared not make

All come rushing back in a single moment

And once again my heart now breaks


Tears I bleed during a restless sleep

Tonight I will breathe you deep

Comfort me, wrap me in faded memories

Please wait for me here in the ghostlight





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