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Track 03: Cheating Death

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  • STATUS: Needs new music. Original can not be used.

  • MUSIC: Unassigned

  • Dying, our main character travels with the mysterious woman to a dark place in the mountains overlooking the sea with the promise of seeing a man with healing abilities. He reaches out to make a bargain but finds only death. (Guest vocalist)

Cheating DeathElemantis
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Cheating Death


I’ve sought you out 
In this my darkest hour

And beg you to hear my plea

I’ve heard it told 

You possess power

And can…


Shut your mouth!

How dare you address me?

I do not grant favors

Your hopes are forsaken

Now bow down

Cower before me

All you will find here

Is your death and anguish


Please, but I only ask…


I wasn’t finished yet

I feel you near the grave

Let me take a closer look

Perhaps a bargain can be made

One promise to you I’ll keep

Either way you’ll die tonight

But whether to be reborn

That I’ve yet to decide


One death, one new life




I don’t understand but my life I forfeit

I bend to your command

My soul is yours however imperfect


My God! What are you?


You left your God at my door

He doesn’t exist anymore

To rewrite destiny

You will belong to me

Do you accept this price for cheating death?

My mark upon your neck

The price for cheating death

My blood is the gift

The price for cheating death

In return a fatal kiss

The price for cheating death

A quickening last breath



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